Jimmy Buffett

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Jimmy Buffett was born on Christmas Day in 1946. Buffett hails from Pascagoula, Mississippi and is a songwriter, author and businessman. His unique musical style is a combination of ‘gulf and western’ rock, country and surf music all rolled into one.

In high school, Buffett was a trombone player in his high school band. When he went to Auburn University, he began playing the guitar. His debut album entitled “Down to Earth” was released in 1970. Buffet has continued play at a variety of locations, including the beach scene and on street corners around the country. As the years passed, Buffet has continued to develop his beach-bum persona that he is known and loved for.

Towards the end of the last millennium, Buffet worked on a musical adaption of Herman Wouk’s novel, “Don’t Stop the Carnival.” He also released “Live: Tuesday/Thursday/Saturday” and “Beach House on the Moon.” Buffet created his own music label entitled Mailboat and released a number of concert recordings. Then in 2002, he released “Far Side of the World” with all-new, fresh material. Buffet has since released several albums including “License to Chill” (2004), “Take the Weather with You” (2006) and “Buffett Hotel” (2009).

Jimmy Buffett puts on one of the best shows I have ever seen. From the moment you arrive at the concert venue you will come in contact with a plethora of colorful people. Everybody seems to bring their own style of Margaritaville with them to the concert. First-time attendees may walk around with “Buffett Virgin” signs. You will see things you have never even dreamt of, including cars turned into boats, bartenders throwing snowballs, men in coconut bras, homemade beaches and a parking lot party filled with drunken faces consuming tropical-inspired drinks.